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Welcome to Rubles Productions at

Piggy Hill Art Studio! Home to art, children's stories, music, a cartoon chicken, and paint and sip parties. Try not to get lost.


Meet Julia Chicken. Dr. Julia Chicken, that is. She has some sage advice. Sprinkle it in your life along with a little salt, some lemon zest, and... wait... this is starting to sound like a recipe.

Follow Julia Chicken's Advice Page if you need a little merriment in your day.

Anyway, browse this site to learn about art classes, music lessons, and our Paint and Sip parties here at Piggy Hill Art Studio in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

You'll also find some original children's stories to read, some cartoon funnies to look at, as well as original art that you may purchase from our store.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our BLOG so that you'll be in the know on all the cool happenings here at the studio!

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