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Art Classes

Summer At Piggy Hill Art Studio!
Art and Music Camp 2024 Schedule

Piggy Hill Art Studio offers workshops, exhibitions, and weekly art classes for kids and adults in the Strasburg area. Our aim is to provide a creative outlet that the community will find both fulfilling and enriching.

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Weekly Art Classes

Piggy Hill Art Studio's Young Artists Program

Classes designed to be age appropriate for young people grades K-12th in a wide range of media offered throughout the year. Children and youth will experience hands on art making in a supportive and enriching environment.

Painting and Drawing
Young people develop creative thinking processes while exploring a variety of drawing and painting techniques
. Formal elements of color and design are introduced at age-appropriate levels.

Mixed Media

Students explore contemporary techniques and materials to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional pieces combining painting, drawing and sculpture. Formal elements of color and design are introduced at age appropriate levels.


Three-dimensional work allows young artists to expand their understanding of artistic concepts and techniques primarily focused work with clay construction. Young people will learn coil construction, hand building, relief and glazing.


Drawing skills are expanded and developed through intaglio and relief printmaking techniques of collagraph, etching, monotype, linoleum, and woodcut.

Art Foundation

Art Foundations provides teens with basic skills needed for advanced classes. Focusing on the elements of art and design, drawing skills, use of line value, contrast, form, volume, perspective and composition will be developed through observed drawing.

Stop Motion/Animation (students acceptance based on interview) 

Students learn stop motion animation as well as traditional animation techniques to bring to life two and 3D shorts. Learn More Here!

Adult and Teen (14 + years old)

Basic Drawing

This class will teach you how to observe and draw objects from life in a realistic style, a fundamental skill for working in any media including painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Using pencil and charcoal and working from still life and photographs, you will learn several types of line and tonal drawing as well as key concepts such as negative shape, relative measuring, and perspective. Each class features a directed drawing exercise to teach a specific skill and these skills build on one another.


Discover the limitless possibilities of this versatile medium. Working from both still-life objects, design exercises and photographs we will explore topics of color mixing, value and composition. Learn expressive brushwork, clear vibrant glazing, lifting, masking/stencils, pour painting and spattering techniques that will give your paintings more energy and emotional impact.

Oil Painting

A structured course for the beginning student that introduces painting materials and basic techniques. The focus is on oil painting, but acrylics are permitted. Previous drawing experience strongly recommended.

See Class Schedule and Tuition Here.

To find out more about our Paint and Sip Classes click here or check out our Events Section. 


If you need a little more information on art classes, feel free to reach out!

Phone: (484) 844-3331

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