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Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip events are super fun to do alone or with a friend or two!

Unwind after a hard day at life. Creating art is very therapeutic... and so is a glass of wine. Put the two together and you can fire your therapist by the end of the class.


These classes are for ALL skill levels. Even if you think you "can't draw to save your life" - don't worry!   We walk you through each step in creating your very own work of art, and we'll have a blast doing it!

You supply the "sip" of your choice and we supply everything else you need to create your masterpiece... canvas, paints, brushes, etc.

Make sure to check out our Events Page to find out where and when our next paint party is. Check here for Private Paint Party information.


Interested in weekly art classes and workshops? Look Here.

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Themed Paint & Sip Parties

Themed Paint and Sip events throughout the week.  To find out more or to get tickets for our next Event,  Look Here!

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Masterpiece Sundays

Masterpiece Sundays require a little more time, and perhaps, a little less wine. Same as our regular P&S's, just a tad more detail. Check the Events page for the next one!

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Private Parties

Private parties are paint parties just for you and your guests here at the studio.  See HERE for details.

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