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Ask Dr. Julia

A Slightly Different Advice Column


Funny Advice for Kids and Adults!

Do you hate homework? Are you tired of dating creeps? Is your better half driving you crazy? Yeah, well welcome to life in the real world!

But if you are looking for a little tongue in beak therapy, jot down some of your troubles and have a little chat with Dr. Julia Chicken. She is one wise bird, and she pulls no punches.

Ask your question in the form below and then wait with bated breath for the Dr. Julia's amazing reply.

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Does Dr. Julia Chicken actually get real letters? See for yourself ----

Want to Ask Dr. Julia for her two cents?

Use the form below. If she publishes your letter, she will be sure to email you to

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Dr. Julia gets so many letters that most often, she doesn't even read them.

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