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Bunny La Bun

...the Parkour Kitty

Story for Kids

One thing is for certain, Bunny La Bun wasted very little time during the day.


When the sun shone warmly on the fluffy couch cushion, she did not have to think twice about what to do. With a quick stretch and a big yawn, she would curl into a cozy ball and bask for hours. 

Never did she need to be reminded about the importance of sleep. She was wise beyond her years. She knew 15 to 20 hours of sleep a day was healthier than any apple.

Although Bunny La Bun was French, her closest friend Peeps was English, Old English, to be exact.

Despite the language barrier between them, the two got on charmingly, but they did not always see eye to eye. However, it is not quite clear if Bunny's shaggy friend had any eyes at all!


Cuisine was one of areas where the two friends often disagreed. Bunny La Bun simply loved creme la creme, while Peeps fancied shepherd's pie... heavy on the pie!

Thankfully, they never had to share their dining dishes, but Peeps often drank from Bunny's water bowl, leaving it empty more often than not.



This was the first installment for the new story

Bunny La Bun the Parkour Kitty.

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