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Stories for Children

From a story for children. Mallard ducks flying across the evening sky. A children's illustration.

In our Stories for Kids section, you will find short stories, funny poems, and chapter stories too!

Some stories may be narrated. Some may feature music or may even be animated! 

So if you are looking for something fun to read, start here, but also check out the blog.. And make sure to subscribe so you never miss an update!



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This is an illustration from the story

The Life and Death of Jake the Drake

Funny Poems

Poems and silly rhymes are not only fun to read, but they can be a handy tool to use for a child's education.

Poems can teach vocabulary, be used for memory work, and help teach rhythm. Most children's poems have a good beat! 

Here are a few Short Poems:

The Cowboy

Time to Dream

If a Tiger Came to Town

Children's story character of a man sitting in a window . He is smelling the stinky fish. (Pen and Ink)
Story Series

Follow this spot for Featured Stories and special Chapter Story Series as they are added.

The children stories here may be in the form of works in progress, where you need to follow in anticipation for the next installment or they may be ready to read in their entirety.
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Bunny La Bun

the Parkour Kitty

Bunny La Bun is the story of a French cat who learns parkour in order to catch a pesky house mouse. 
Follow Bunny's silly antics to find out if she is successful in her mission.


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