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Time to Dream

When a child goes to bed

you rub his back, you kiss his head.

You snuggle him in with blankets and pillow

he listens hard for the whippoorwill - oh

it sings into the deep, dark night.

When a child goes to dream

he goes the way of stars and moon beam.

He sails a tall ship with waters that billow

He rides a seahorse who's happy until, oh

it bucks like a bronco into the deep, blue sea.

When a child must awake

It might take some time. It might take a shake.

The morning sun shines bright and yellow

He calls to the child, "Are you sleeping still? oh!

Time to arise and make your dreams come true."

About the music:

"Eugene Ysaye composed this lullaby when his fourth baby was born. This soothing music, with soaring melodies in the violin, is enchanting and beautiful. In performance, you can feel it cast its spell over audiences, drawing them into its calm embrace. "

Performers: Duo.Hansen violin: Julia Hansen cello: Adam Hansen

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