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Short Poems, Limericks, and other nonsense, perhaps.

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The Moon is CHEESE!

By Lora Rublesky
I wanted to go to the moon
'Cause I heard it was made out of cheese.
But that was not right.
It was just a GREAT light.

And oh, how it soiled my knees!
As our disappointed, little friend makes his way back to earth, listen to Julia and Adam play a Star Wars theme on the violin and cello.
star wars music video
Fuzzy Wuzzy?
belly button Fuzz.jpg
I found a furry creature
With fuzzy hands and toes.
Where he came from I can guess,
But no one really knows.

I picked him up and rolled him ‘round
Between my fingers so.
I put him down and looked away.
Oops, now where’d he go?

I crawled around upon the floor
Searching here and there.
You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard
To find a ball of hair.

I never was able to find that guy
Though diligent I was.
Tomorrow I will look again
For Belly Button fuzz.
tom cat
Tom Cat's Restaurant
Tom Cat went out for supper.
He was hungry for some fishes.
He offered to pay with rubber check.
But was told, "Wash the dishes!"
Lesson learned, when one dines out, you really should bring cash for it.

What, no wallet? If you're quick as Tom, you simply make a dash for it!

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