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Once in a Blue Pumpkin Paint and Sip

September 20th we will be celebrating the last full moon of summer. The Harvest Moon is always special. It's full, bright, and beautiful, giving the extra light needed for the farmer hurrying to gather in the final fruits of his labor. This year it is even more special.

Usually, each season has three full moons. However, Monday, September 20th will boast the fourth full moon of summer. When this happens it is known as a Seasonal Blue Moon. Odd part is, the third full moon of the season (August 22nd) is the one dubbed "Blue Moon."

Anyway, there will not be another Blue Moon until August 2024!

Come celebrate the end of summer by learning to paint a golden Harvest Moon lighting up a patch of blue pumpkins. We'll paint, sip, and talk all things lunar (aka crazy talk?)

Piggy Hill Art Studio is located in Strasburg, Pa


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