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Casper Pooped in the Kitchen

or Day #2 No Coffee

"Casper pooped in the kitchen..." I open my eyes and I see my daughter Ruby about 12 inches from my face. "Huh?"

"Tell Lola Casper pooped in the kitchen. I can't clean it up or I'll be late for work." Ruby's car keys jingle as she scampers out the door. That was an interesting way to wake up.

Casper is a white kitten who lives outside, yet manages to poop in the kitchen quite often. I also see him sitting on tables and chairs throughout the house.

I have a feeling he does not have a complete understanding of what it means to "live outside". Now that I am awake I might as well make some coffee.

This will be my first cup of coffee since Monday morning. Tuesday morning I had to run off to work without it because someone was late. After work I went straightway to the studio to teach a class. I teach a nice class, Ma.

I go out to the kitchen, grab my mug, and reach for the bag coffee beans so I can grind a nice, fresh, cup of coffee. My first cup in 48 hours - I am really looking forward, I gotta tell ya!

As I reach for the bag of beautiful beans, I anticipate the aroma. I am so ready to sip a hot cup of Joe, but then I see something. Something that kind of shook me.

It was a carton of half and half cream... in my cabinet... warm... for who knows how long. Since Monday? Since Tuesday?

I open the kitchen door and call to Casper, the white kitten who lives outside and poops on the kitchen floor. He comes in, as matter of factly, as only a cat is able. He was only a little grateful for the warm saucer of cream.

I call this Day #2 No Coffee

Private Paint and Sip Party

Tuesday night's class was inspiring! These ladies killed it! Everyone added their own ideas, their own color choices, each painting was truly an original. Some of these gals never painted before, and you would never know it by looking at their finished masterpieces.

Go HERE to learn more about paint and sip classes! Also check out our weekly art, music and animation classes!


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