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Masterpiece Sundays

This week we tackled When the Crow is on the Punkin in honor of all the pumpkins taking over the local fields and produce stands.

When the Crow is on the Punkin - Unframed Acrylic on 16/20 canvas. $150.00 (price subject to change)

What a great day of painting we had at Piggy Hill Art Studio! The painting for Masterpiece Sunday was pretty tricky in that it required two pallets, mixing colors, and plenty of layering. Each student put their own little spin on their piece, made some decisions, and took some chances. The results were breathtaking!

Take a look!

More Classes, Open Studios, Workshops!

Keep on the lookout for upcoming projects. One such project I am particularly excited about offering a class on Christmas Card making! We will be announcing the dates and details for that within a couple of weeks. Subscribe to our Monthly Mailing List if you'd like to stay informed!


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